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February 10, 2021
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February 10, 2021

lavender wand


These beautiful sweet-smelling wands are created using fresh sprigs of lavender, tied together and bent, than tied again. silk ribbon is woven in and out of the lavender stems and tied with a bow. your wand will keep its perfume for years to come. the wand can be refreshed with essential oil.

Perfect natural floral scent for wardrobes, drawers or cars.

Perfect for room fragrance and for including in dried flower compositions for home decoration.

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A unique artisan gift especially when accompanied with essential oil.

Making lavender wands originated in provence. making a single wand is a very time-consuming art since automation is not possible. to this day very few still use this art of making wands .

Gently squeeze the large end to release more scent.



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Ribbon color

lilac, Green, Bordeaux, fuchsia, Purple, light blue


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