The benefits of natural healing

Since ancient times, humans have extracted essential oils from botanical plants, resins and flowers. Aromatherapy uses these essential oils to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The quality of the oils is fundamental in preserving all the health benefits of the natural products. All our botanicals are certified organic, and harvesting is done by hand at the optimum time. Distillation is by the non-industrial vapour method which produces higher quality oils and distillations. This is a slow, intensive, artisan method of making a product that preserves all the properties of the plants.

Casa Cani

A long history bonded to nature

Casa Cani is the original name of the land of our great grandparents. Maintaining our family history we have kept the name of the place that has become our home and farm.
The farm is in the Tuscan/Emilian Apennines, at a height of about 800 metres. The land is surrounded by woods, and the fields had not been actively farmed for some years before we came here in 2015 which gave us the ideal opportunity to commence strictly organic farming. We now grow old varieties of fruits, as well as raspberries and strawberries. All our products are made on site.
We cultivate lavender and other botanicals, all certified organic, which are used to produce pure essential oils and fragrant distilled waters. Around us are wild plants that we pick to produce unusual oils, like wild carrot essential oil.


The plant with a thousand benefits.

A fresh, fragrant plant. Lavender is a very versatile plant thanks to its many soothing, relaxing and anti inflammatory properties. Lavender essential oil is perfect for soothing skin, relaxing and calming when used in aromatherapy and an effective remedy against insomnia.